About Us


PVD Coatings was founded in 2001 with a simple mission “provide the best quality PVD coatings with outstanding service and delivery”. 

We are centrally located in Lahore Pakistan, with two highly sophisticated large volume coating systems. PVD Coatings offers eco-friendly high quality thin film coating for a variety of decorative & functional applications.

Built on a solid foundation of technical expertise, the staff at PVD Coatings has years experience in vacuum coating and decorative finishing. Our team of experienced personnel understand the needs of our customers and our natural philosophy goes beyond the initial order to guarantee consistency in both quality and overall customer service.


Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is a low temperature vacuum coating process that utilizes various deposition technologies to generate positively charged, highly energized metal ions that, in combination with reactive gases, produce coatings with a very strong bond and tailored physical, structural, and tribological properties.


Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) is a high temperature coating process in which thin-film coatings are formed as the result of reactions between various gaseous phases and the heated surface of substrates within the CVD reactor. The final product of these reactions is a hard, wear-resistant coating that exhibits a chemical and metallurgical bond to the substrate.

Meet Our Team

Mian Muhammad Farooq


Mian Usman


Our Vision

Among the deposition methods used by Fusion, physical vapor deposition (PVD) enables high hardness and high adhesion, and as mass consumption and production increase, PVD is a high value added deposition technology that realizes high durability, low wear, and high functionality to contribute globally.

Our Mission

The mission of Fusion’s Advanced Products & Technology Department is to contribute as the world’s top manufacturer of PVD equipment by providing advanced surface treatment solutions to more customers while increasing recognition of surface treatment needs as we continue to enjoy working with this technology.